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Hingham High School
Athletic Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Hingham High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to athletics in Hingham.  The nominees are chosen on the basis of playing and/or coaching ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character and his or her contributions to the team or teams on which they played or which they coached.

      In addition to recognizing athletes and coaches, we honor a male and female athlete by awarding scholarships annually. The criteria for this award are based on academic performance, athleticism, leadership capabilities and community service.

      We are extremely proud of the selected inductees. We feel sure that you will recognize each of them as not only gifted athletes and coaches, but as representatives of what is the best of Hingham. They are true ladies and gentlemen and outstanding citizens, past and present, of the town. 

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17 Union Street, Hingham, MA, USA


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